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    2.0"- vs. 2.2+ tires

    Now that I've been riding smaller tires I feel that I can't go back. I feel that they corner less vaguely, roll faster, and I can get a better sense of the trail. I should note that I'm a racer and so handling and efficiency are what I value.

    Tires ridden and raced so far: 1.9 Karmas, 2.0 Fast Trak LKs, 2.2 Racing Ralph (Evo and Snakeskin version), 2.4 Racing Ralph, 2.2 Nevegal, 2.1 Small Block Eight (rear), 2.2 Captain Control, 2.2 Race King.

    I felt that the Karmas were a little too harsh, but gripped awesomely, whereas the Fast Traks were just about perfect for anything but mud or sharp rocks. Any recommendations on smaller racing tires with extra sidewall protection? I'm also looking for a good slim mud tire.
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    Today i raced my Geax Barro Race 2.0" tyres for the first time (and won ).

    I have not rdden anything smaller than the 2.25 ralphs this year and i will go back as often as i can get away with it. Slim and light tyres that accelerate fast are awesome on the uphill, but i cannot get away with as much downhill speed as i could with the ralphs. And the trail has to be bone dry to use the skinnies.

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    Good slim mud tire - take a look at the Bonty Mud-X.
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    I love the Maxxis Aspen 2.1 I've been running on the rear of my ride....grippy light and fast

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    i have found that my motor is strong enough to push bigger tires and traction to be more of a issue holding down my speed.

    i run the racing ralphs 2.4 up front and switch around the rear from a rampage 2.35, weirwold 2.55, fire pro xc 2.2 and michelin xc at 2.2

    yesterday we pre rode the snowbasin 100k endurance course and it was hella rocky going up and super dusty going down. any small/thin tire would have blown up or seriously kept you from running at race pace. the rampage ate up the course, while my buddies got flats in their tubless from punctures.

    i do have a set of furious freds that are basically tubes with a few small knobs on them, that i can use for smooth buff races. i found them to be fastest on grass.
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    What did you think of the Schwalbe with snakeskin? it sounds like what your looking for or try the Rocket Ron-

    Crossmark is a fairly decent rear tire for most conditions but I am not a big fan of it up front- though it might pass if you use it just for racing, also as someone mentioned the aspen-

    The Captain 2.0 Control 2 bliss is another - you tried the 2.2 which is quite a bit bigger, I was running out back and decided to try the fasttrack to see if it was faster... it did not seem any faster and running it tubeless I rarely have much issue with climbing traction in all but the sloppy stuff, but it did not offer near the grip braking so it locked up easier and I put a tiny slit in the sidewall on the 3rd ride- it could happen with any tire but I am happily back to the Captain 2.0-
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    Thanks for all the replies, they all influence me; here's my plan. I've got three wheelsets plotted out:

    1. For good conditions, new Crests: Fast Trak LKs (Aspens after these, good idea!)

    2. For rocks, last year's Arches: something else light but with tough sidewalls (RR Snakeskin currently). Captain Control 2.0s look really good on paper for this purpose, thanks.

    3. For mud, cheap Mavic/Deore wheelset: Karmas, or Bontranger Mud-Xs. We do have a lot of mud, so perhaps a dedicated tire is worth it.

    My sponsor deals with independants mostly but I can put up with retail for some special needs I guess.

    Here's Shiggy's spreadsheet BTW, very useful:

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