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    WTB Scraper rims

    So I built up a set of scraper rims, threw on some trailblazer tires and put them on my 29er, so everything seemed fine but, after about a 50 miles I have noticed some tire rubbing, so I was thinking of just selling them, but I began to think, would the rims with some 2.3 or 2.4 tires fit a 650b bike?

    Has anyone tried this? the wheels are super wide at 45mm but the wide wheel is the big thing nowadays, if im good to go, I might just build myself a nice 650b bike with these massive wheels.
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    Well I emailed WTB and I got this response
    Thanks for the email, glad you’re interested in picking up some of our rims!

    Wide rims are definitely the business nowadays, but too much of anything is never a good thing.

    Common MTB rims from previous years are generally 21mm-26mm wide on the inside from edge to edge. With the rise of wider, light rims we have seen people running more like 28-35mm on normal trail bikes.
    Beyond 35mm wide you start to run into issues where the tires just weren’t designed to be stretched that wide; sometimes they are too “short” and can cause pinch-flat style damage more easily, other times the knobs just don’t perform how they were intended to because they sit on a different part of the tire profile.
    For a normal 650b bike I would check out something like our Asym i35 or Asym i29 rim. Both of those are plenty wide while still maintaining some of the agility you’re used to and working well with current tires/products.
    You can definitely run the Scraper with something like a 2.4-2.5 tire if you want, but I am not sure the end result would give you exactly what you’re looking for! Just my two cents.
    I hope that helps, let me know if I can get you any more info!

    So I guess I will be selling mine then,
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    Putting them on "your" 29r doesn't mean they wouldn't fit other 29rs. Did you do a search to see what others have done?
    Wait whuuut, who did he tell you that!?!?....

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    I ran a 2.4 Vee Trail Taker on a WTB Scraper for a few rides. It was fun, but far from ideal.
    I like 'em long, low, slack and playful

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