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Thread: What is this?

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    What is this?

    I pulled this wheel out of a skip on the way home from work last night and although it doesn't look like anything special I'd still like to get some use out of it should the opportunity arise.

    Thing is I don't recognise the hub. It seems to be a threaded free-wheel hub but there seem to be some sort of splines as well behind the threads.
    Anywho, I've attached a few pics (hopefully they'll show up properly, I'm new here and not exactly tech-savvy) and hopefully someone will be able to tell me what kind of cog or cassette will thread or slide on to this thing.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails What is this?-dscf0381.jpg  

    What is this?-dscf0391.jpg  

    What is this?-dscf0385.jpg  

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    Your freewheel has fallen apart it appears. There are too many variations of removal tool, but an older bikeshop should have the tool. I have removed these where I did not have the special tool by placing the rest of it in a vice, and tightening into the middle of the rest of what you got there, not too far onto it, this will bind the mounting threads. Slowly and alternately tighten the vice and turn the wheel backwards until the vice grabs tight enough, then spin it the rest of the way off. Good luck

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    Yikes! Not sure I'd put it into a vice!

    Won't a standard "Spanner Wrench" get this off? Beyond that I have NO idea what type of free wheel this is...

    And what's a "Skip"?

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    I wouldn't think twice about putting it in a vise. What you see is the remnants of a freewheel, now useless. Looks like you're missing the axle and cones too. If the rim is a basic single walled rim I would just put it back where you found it....if you think you can salvage the hub with scavenged parts and put it to use, by all means venture forward.

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    Looks like the freewheel pulled a David Copperfield. Put it back in the garbage where you found it. I also doubt that it's 650, and it's surely not a new wheel trend.
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    Indeed it is garbage.

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