Upgrading trance 3 2014

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  • 06-02-2020
    Upgrading trance 3 2014
    I'm looking at fitting a 1x12 groupset to my giant trance 3 2014 , , can anyone recommend the best fit and what parts I would also need to change too make it fit....thanks for any help
  • 06-07-2020
    With a 135QR rear end, I think you're better off with a wide range 1x10 system. You can get an 11-42 cassette, and a 1x crank for a good chainline.
    I think you'd need a PF92 bottom bracket along with the crank. You can also get a new 10 speed derailleur with a clutch.
    I'd call someone like Worldwide Cyclery or Jenson USA and they can put a groupset together for you.
  • 06-08-2020
    Hurricane Jeff
    You can do a 1x 11 or 12 also. SunRace makes 1 and 12 speed cassettes that uses the Shimano/ Sram freehub. You will need a corresponding rear derailleur and shifter. Not sure which crank you have but I'm sure you can find a narrow/ wide 1x chain ring that will fit.