Hey looking at getting a new bike and am stuck between these two. Basically looking at them because I can get a great deal on them. I'm based in Ireland but just moved home from BC so was used to riding big, steep rough terrain and now I'm getting more into wet, rooty, tight conditions that comes with riding in Ireland.

Both bikes seem great the reign is more similar to what I've been on before (GT Sanction, Commencal Meta SX) but I really like the idea of something a bit livelier but still able to handle rougher stuff too.

Has anyone had much experience on either bike and what would you recommend? I think I'm fairly set on 27.5 as I'm only 5'8" and not planning on racing any time soon. I just want one bike I can take anywhere - long days out, techy single track, bike park days etc.

I can get a good deal on Trek bikes so would consider any other models too, the fuel EX seems to be getting rave reviews but I'm a little scared by the lack of travel and also afraid the slash would be too much bike for me. Anyway let me know what you think