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    Transition Throttle or Scout?

    I built up both last summer and now I need to sell one with this f*cked economic situation -- IE, I'm not working. But I can't decide! I developed low low-back pelvis stuff mid-season where I was riding the Throttle so I built up a quick Scout (I had more money back then ha!) 27.5. But that also gave me a little trouble. I realized that the issue was probably some core stuff (I'm 40, but very fit) that I neglected during riding season. No, not disc degeneration or anything like that...

    I ride aggressively, but skip the gravity and mix it up with XC and AM stuff, but seldom ride longer than 3 hours. I loved the Throttle, but I don't think I had my HT technique right and strength where it needed to be. The Scout allowed me to be a bit sloppier, but the cush protected me.

    I think I'm still trying to suss out whether an aggressive HT can match a FS with the above criteria. Any thoughts? Anyone been in a similar spot? Thx!

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    Keep the bike that is less painful to ride.

    I rode hardtails my entire life (I'm 48) until this month when I bought the first FS bike. The FS bike is faster everywhere, except the ashpalt greenway. Also at the end of the ride I'm less tired even though I went roughly the same mileage.

    I have arthritis in my spine and when I went to more upright seated position the arthritis aggravation went away. Whether I'm on the HT or the FS makes no difference, upright seating position solves the problem. Not the same problem as you, but seating position may be a driving factor to your pain.

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    In my early 30s I went to fs. Now I can ride for a whole day and the only fatigue is in my muscles - no skeletal/joint pain whatsoever. I save the joint stresses for trail running, where there are greater advantages for the incurred stress.

    If you value pedaling efficiency however, perhaps you should sell both and buy a frame with better kinematics. 27.5 are less expensive these days anyway with the 29er virus going around.

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    Which one puts a bigger grin on your face?
    Rigid SS 29er
    SS 29+
    Fat Lefty
    SS cyclocross
    Full Sus 29er (Yuck)

    Stop asking how much it weighs and just go ride it.

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