Evening folks . I was wondering if anybody has managed to get their hands on the 450 Carrera Kraken 2020 model from halfords and if so, what do you think of it thus far?

I ride a 2015 customised kraken and have done for 4 years now. I'm looking for a 2nd bike atm. Preferably one I can switch wheelsets with minus all the hassle hence the reason forking out 450 for a simplistic solution might be the best route here. Spec sheet looks pretty similar to me so hoping wheelsets should fit easily enough... if theres any other bikes you think may be worth a shout be sure to let me know, however i think at the minute Carerra Hardtails are kinda where my interest lies due to the hope the wheels are universal on carerra mtb's.

Im not clued up as a lot of people on here when it comes to matching bearing sizes and all that mumbo jumbo but I can almost guarantee I ride my bike a lot harder and more often thn a lot of ''mtbers'' on here so the only issues i do run into is with my wheels. Its maybe twice/three times a year I have to get the rear wheel trued so its got to the point I looked into upgrading the hubs but the more i think about it having a second set of wheels now is almost a NEED with the amount I ride .. hubs can come later and to be fair i just got a migraine trying to understand what HUBS to upgrade to on my current wheels.

for the price it would cost why not get a second bike as well as a spare set of wheels entirely eh ??

Bottom line is I love my 2015 Kraken. Its the bike that made me fall in love with mountain biking/XC and DH riding!! Its now basically FULLY customised. I can't really fault it. Given that its 5 years old the 120mm travel forks work like new , theres not a bit of rust on it and I swear every component of it has been brushed out and cleaned after EVERY RIDE. Anything I've broken over the years on it i just upgraded with better components and the bikes remained faithful and trustworthy even until now.. It got to the point I grudge taking it down agressive trails now. Its kinda became a show bike in my eyes.

I often ride with guys on 1500-4000 bikes and they're always behind or running into issues somewhere ... ESPECIALLY at the trail centres. only thing I've ran into with mine was a a few punctures here and there and a wobbly back wheel one time that cost 20 to get trued. I've seen boys sit out rides now because their 3 grand bikes away getting fixed. No matter whats wrong with my Kraken its always gonna cost pennies to get fixed or replaced. I've commuted up to 100 miles a week on this bike through-out both Winter and Summer in Scottish weather and used it for trail centres as well. so believe me.. the bikes are as solid as you keep them.

I'm a a great believer if you look after a bike, it can last a lifetime. Especially if its a sub 500 hardtail. Cheap bikes also have cheap components.. meaning they're easier to fix in the long run although some people may see that as an excuse that they will just break easily.. Clearly not the case with Carrera bikes (from 6 years experience riding one every summer/winter)

Right now I'm looking for both a 2nd bike so friends who visit can come out cycles here and there as well and a spare set of 27.5 wheels for my kraken. I ride almost everyday but got other commitments in life like a lot of other ppl therefor spending 1000's to enjoy mountain biking just isn't an option. The simpler the better for me.

My ears are open is getting a 2nd kraken a power move or nah?