Think Im getting it Narrowed Down....Spitfire or Megatrail / Shred Dogg-
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    Think Im getting it Narrowed Down....Spitfire or Megatrail / Shred Dogg

    Well I think Im getting there. Two top contenders.

    Jenson spec'd Banshee Spitfire. It has GX Eagle drivetrain, Pike RCT3 fork, Cane Creek db inline air. $2699

    My LBS has a nice demo GG Megatrail they said they would leave alone or convert to Shred Dog for me. It has GX drivetrain....not Eagle, MRP Ribbon fork. Guide brakes, not 100% positive on shock or what they would use to convert. Can get it OTD for $2720.

    Id honestly rather have a new bike but honestly wish it were the Shred Dog that was new. GG is a local(ish) company. Either bike is PLENTY for me. Not too familiar with Banshee.....mostly Santa Cruz and Transition.

    Help sway me one way other other. TIA

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    Convert to shred-dog? Does that mean chain it to a tree and beat it with a stick until it bites anyone that comes near it?

    Just joking... I haven't heard of it but I'm out of the loop. But buying local is definitely cool. If you can't splurge for the new one, then just be honest with them that you really like it, but are nervous about buying one that has some miles on it. Maybe they'll throw you a discount on in-store service for an additiona 6 months or something.

    Personally, I love demo-ing bikes and every time I've demo'd one, I treated it like my own bike. That is, not shifting under load, not bottoming-out the suspension, etc. Just tried to feel the ergonimics, how it climbed, how it steered going downhill... but never gave it the rental-car treatment. I can totally say that I've returned two demo bikes in better condition than I got them, because I corrected some minor shifting issues by twisting some cable.

    Just make them promise that they've done a service on the suspension, have them convert it to tubeless if it wasn't already done, and check the warranty. I think you want the forks, rear shock, and dropper post to have an agreement similar to when they were new. Every thing else like derailleur or shifters, who cares. You'll replace those in a couple years anyway or maybe go longer and feel lucky, or bummed for not having an excuse to upgrade. I'd go local and build a relationship with that shop. It'll be fun and you'll feel good about it.
    Have fun!

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    Megatrail to Shred Dogg is a shock

    Very good points!!

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    The Shred Dogg is pretty easy to convert to Megatrail and vice versa. The Ribbon fork is especially easy to change travel.

    That's a great price for the Megatrail. I have one and it's by far the best bike that I've ever ridden.

    I also like to use it in Shred Dogg mode a lot too. I've taken it out on mellow family rides and the gnarly trails of the Whistler Bike Park. It's a bike that can do nearly anything.
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    If you can get your hands on one of GG's Alu frame bikes, it would be like Mad Max getting the " last of the V-8 Interceptors", as GG is only making carbon frames now.

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    If the lbs is going to stand good for the bike I'd go that route. I had a Banshee product and although I liked it when it broke it was a total fiasco which actually led me to just buy a frame from my LBS instead of their crash replacement.
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