• 08-12-2019
    Suggestions or Opinions for my build
    Hi Guys,

    Newbie here, I'm hoping to get some suggestion or insights on the bike that I'm about to build. I got a frame Marin Nail trail 6 [2017] size Small. On the website it has all these details about geometry etc etc which is good as it gives me more info about the frame.

    On data sheet it says stand over clearance around 27.5" and I believe this is with a fork of 120mm travel. I'm planning to put a 130mm~140mm fork on provided that I can get either rockshox pike or Manitou Mattoc Pro with that specific travel variant. Unfortunately both variant is kinda hard to find from my region. However most shop has Rikeshox Pike with 150m travel available.

    With the experts and enthusiast opinion, would the 150mm travel fork too much for my frame? I wanting to keep the stand over clearance below 28" too.
  • 08-13-2019
    Yeah, if you can afford a pike get a new frame.
  • 08-14-2019
    One Pivot
    Mattocs are extremely easy to change travel, and they come with enough spacers to go from 160 to 140. You can add more spacers to go however low you'd like though.

    Pikes are easy to change travel too, but you have to replace the whole spring for about $40. Still not bad.

    Im definitely sure the frame will physically handle a 150mm fork, but it wont ride correctly. Your seat tube angle will change and it may climb funny. Id stick to 120 or 130mm.