Stuck Yeti SB5c collet bolts-
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    Stuck Yeti SB5c collet bolts

    Hi all,

    Wonder if anyone can provide any advice?

    I'm trying to change out the bearings on my 2015 Yeti SB5c. I've got the bearing rebuild/replacement kit and all was going well until I got to the 2 collet axles (one that holds the rear triangle to the switch infinity and the other that holds the rear triangle to the "Link SB5C" (the black link next to the the switch infinity)).

    I've taken out the outside bolts but when I've tried to unscrew the collet axles using the 10mm allen/hex, the bolts are stuck to the left hand side of the bike. Unscrewing them just prizes apart the rear triangle which ultimately will probably crack it.

    These are number 36 and 37 on page 27 of this PDF:

    I've tried wd40, grease etc but the bloody things wont pop out.

    Does anyone know of a trick to free them up?

    Cheers, Andy

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    Post in Yeti forum. You’ll get much better answers there.

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    Have you taken the collet wedges out? Those are separate from the bolts.
    Stick an end of an allen wrench in there and wiggle to get them out.
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    @mnigro - ok will do.

    @bicman - yup, I took those out. A friend gave me some advice to use wd-40 and heat up the area with a hairdryer a bit - I'll give that a try.

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    Stuck Yeti SB5c collet bolts

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