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    Specialized Fuse Comp vs. SC Chameleon vs. Cujo 1 or 2

    All, apologies first off for somewhat of a redundant topic from myself - I'm just one that researches everything to death.

    I've narrowed down options based upon availability and the LBS I'd like to ideally deal with.

    Getting back into biking- and it won't be a crazy get back into- but hopefully will turn into it. I've got a 3 and 6 year old, we're a BMX family- and so this bike will be used 50/50 on rail trails and singletrack - so not hitting things hard... but maybe harder as the kids grow.

    I'm a buy once cry once type of guy - but also cost to value ratio minded. (I don't need the best, I need the best based upon a practical decision).

    So with that in mind:

    '19 Specialized fuse comp at $1450
    '19 Fuse Expert $1700
    '19 Cujo 2 at $1050
    '20 Cujo 1 at $1700
    SC Chameleon D+ $1700 (would add dropper post)
    SC Chameleon R+ $2300

    I know it's a wide range, both in component and price. I know that any of the bikes will do well. What I don't know is if I want to play the "for just a little more money I could have..." game.

    I know I'm over thinking this, so if you were looking for a bike for a novice/intermediate rider whom will stay in that riding category (albeit pushing and having more fun) what would you recommend?

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    I looked at the Chameleon and I don’t see $1,700 worth of bike there. SC makes good stuff but the “ability to switch to SS” is kind of a gimmick. It’ll cost more than it’s worth to change.

    On paper the 19 Fuse expert is the way to go.

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    Back in the old days, homie of mine got a Chameleon (2003) and I was really impressed....now that being said, I'm super impressed with my 9 Iron, but I'm just giving my 2 cents.

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    Thanks all. To compound - I can get the ‘19 carbon fuse comp for $2400.

    Also- shop had the ‘19 roscoe 8 listed for $1000. I know these are all apples and oranges, but leaning towards saving some coin- getting the roscoe- seeing how much I ride and how hard I push as I can always upgrade and give the bike to the missus who’s gonna need a new one anyways. She’d end up with a $500 bike to just ride with us occasionally- so figured in a way, either she’ll make out with a better bike, or I’ll save some money on a bike that truly will probably fit my needs for how I’ll use it 80% of the time.

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    The Fuse we bought for my son a few years back was a bit of a disappointment. Specialized used a ball and cone "cartridge bearing" rear hub that loosened itself nearly every ride. They also speced a headset that was so poor that it literally disintegrated in my hands when I went to grease it. The LBS was also less than helpful to put it mildly.

    With a little frustration and a some money my son got almost three years out of it, and any lower end "real" mountain bike can have component trouble. I can say I know or 5 riders on Roscoes that seem to be having a good ownership experience. I can barely keep up with a local girl that is starting her high school race season this weekend on a year old Roscoe. I can comment on the SC bikes, I've only seen one in the wild.

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    We have no issues with the 19 Fuze comp my wife was and now my 25 year old stepson is abusing. I do like the Roscoe 8 in comparison to the Fuze comp, the Fuze expert levels the playing field a bit for me. As the 20 Fuze just came out, which is a nice upgrade to the 19, you should be able to get nice deals on the 19s. If you can swing the expert level, I'd go for that.

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