Hi there

For the last 3 years, I´ve been riding my Large 2015 Banshee Rune.

27.5 2.3” tires
160mm Pike RCT3
Monarch Plus RC3
X01 drivetrain
ZTR Flow EX wheels

It´s a great bike, but when I built it I was looking for kindda freeride bike that could pedal uphill also… I even raced some enduro.

My rigind style changed a little and now I usually ride with my wife… so the trails are a bit less technical... more XC loops, more uphills…

The Banshee climbing position is bad (I´ve put a 60mm stem to try to compensate)… long rides are not it´s strength…. I need something more versatile.

I´d like to replace the frame with a more climbing friendly option, but I don´t want to lose the possibility of riding enduro style trails and bike park style tracks.

I really like the SC Bronson proposal.

I´m going to Miami in January and my budget is US$ 2000.
What should I buy?

• Brand new Santa Cruz Bronson Alumminum (lower end shock??)
• Used 2016/2017 Santa Cruz Bronson C
• Brand New Banshee Spitfire
• Used Intense Tracer T275
• Used Ibis Mojo HD3

Any other suggestion?