I've been lurking here on this forum and am really digging/obsessing on this 650B movement.
It has really got me wanting to go with this platform and I'm trying to decide on a frame.
I've found the Heckler and the IBEX Asta frames reasonably priced, hence the following questions:

1. What type of Front Derailleur did all the Heckler/Beckler converts use? High Clamp/Low Clamp
2. For the Heckler: is it necessary to switch out the rear shock?
3. Has anybody checked the IBEX Asta for (rear) conversion capability?
Frame geometry is very similar.
Re: Rear chain stay length shows to be 17.5. El Bastardo 17.6
The Atlas is sold out! (everybody must have bought one for 650B!)

Any info would be greatly appreciated.