I've been thinking about my rides on this bike for the last few days now and figured I'd share my thoughts.

A Nony Moose was gracious enough to let me borrow his Sinister Splinter MX for a few days. The Splinter is a Frank the Welder designed and built FS rig and has ample room in back for 650b and a 2.3 Neomoto without any seat tube rubbing worries. A Nony had a Fox fork up front again with ample wheel and tire clearance for 650bs.

It has been a while since I had been on a FS rig so my first ride involved a bit of a learning curve. But a few things I noticed off the bat are:

The Neomoto is a great tire - great traction. The bike accelerated pretty damned well for a 36 pound FS rig ready for more than I could dish out. Oh and Wide handlebars on a bike like this kick major ass. A Nony has 29" wide Sunline bars on this thing and they are awesome. Once I got acclimated to full suspension (I've been riding a hardtail primarily for the last 4 years or so) I was smiling ear to ear on this thing. As I said, traction was top notch and cornering and handling was spot on.

Second ride - I pushed the bike a little harder this ride and was amply rewarded with huge smiles again. Decided to use more speed through rock garden sections of trail and was rewarded by great tire traction from the NeoMotos. Descending was very plush and fast - I was taking tougher lines than I do on my rigid hardtail and that type of "bomber" feel was a fun change of pace for me.

Third Ride - more of the same smile inducing ride time! The Splinter rode lighter than it weighs and felt much more efficient and at the same time plush compared to other single pivots I've ridden in the past. I guess it is the design thought that Frank the Welder put into the suspension design on this bike. Overall - I was highly impressed.

It made me think extremely hard about adding a FS bike to the stable and if I do, one with dual 650b wheels will be high on the list for consideration. I think I'd just go with something a bit lighter, but possibly with similar angles as found on this Splinter.

A big thanks to A Nony Moose for the loaner!!!