Hi forum!
Please bear over with my simple and simplyfied question. Iím in the market for a new MTB. Had one more than 20 yers ago and it has been more than 15 years since I was serious about biking. I wanít to get back into the game but Iíll not be competing. I was looking at the different cross-overs but it seams Iíll get much more value getting a mtb. Iím cuestioning my initial thought to get a cross-over. I want something more suitable for of-road / trial and lean towards a 27.5er. The 27.5 apeal to me as they seam to be an ideal compromise. Iíd appreceat any constructive reply.

Iíve been investigating the market, Canyon, Specialized, Trek, Cube, Scott etc but Iím comming back to Giant which on paper seams to give great value for the money.

I found a local offer (2/3 of new price 10.000 DKR) for the Giant XTC Advanced 4 (2014) Ė Carbon, Recon Gold RL, Shimano Deore (front), XT Shadow (back). This is really stretching my budget beyond my comfort zone. I see the possibility to get a carbon frame (which I didnít expect was possible) but the fork is more or less just average.

The other option is another local offer (7600 DKR) on the Giant Talon 0 Ė Alu, Reba RL Air, Shimano SLX (front), XT Shadow (back). That Reba fork is getting some really nice reviews. This is about the max of my initial budget but I'm very tempted by the carbon frame.

What do you recomend / whats your thoughts on my choises? CF-frame vs Reba-fork?