short travel bike

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  • 07-12-2019
    short travel bike
    I know this is totally a loaded question and a matter of personal preference. I am considering getting a 2nd bike (you can never have too many right?). I have a 150 front and rear travel very slack geometry bike that I love. It is a bit heavy, so looking for something lighter, more XC to ride on the tamer trails and keep my other for the gnarl. Suggestions for light weight but great handling bikes? Slack geometry would be better since that is what I am used to , but I suppose I could adapt. Thanks
  • 07-12-2019
    I would look into a AM 27.5+ hardtail. I was in a similar position- I have a 29er 140/150 built up with coil f/r, heavier tires, etc. Just too heavy and overbiked for a lot of mellower trails. I wanted to ride XC/trail and do more epics but not that crappy old geo. I looked at short travel 29 dual suspension with modern geo but too much overlap with my big bike, costs too much, and didn't want to be faffing with more maintenance.

    I scored a 150mm Ti titanium 'hardcore hardtail' on CL... very similar geo to my big bike- 64.5 HA, 75 STA, 475 reach. I bet you could find a reasonably priced aluminum variation. I was definitely worried about 27.5+ but they measure 2.6 and provide just enough cushion/traction without feeling balloon like.

    It's about 5-6 pounds lighter than my big bike. I rocket up climbs. For strava reference: On minute long sprints I'm 10 seconds faster. On 15 minute segments a minute faster. It feels so spritely and went from slogging uphills to just being faster all around. The surprising thing? On downhills I'm about just as fast as my big bike with my times being around average. I'm not that skilled of a bike handler either.
  • 07-28-2019
    I thought the new Mach 4SL from Pivot was insanely awesome. It's a not a 27.5 but to me it felt just has nimble. I ended up buying a 2018 Mach 4 Carbon which has also been amazing. Insanely light. Still, I find myself thinking about the new Mach 4. It's truly amazing.