SC Nickel 650B conversion questions-
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    SC Nickel 650B conversion questions

    Hi guys! I'm new to this page. I've been contemplating about my 2012 Santa Cruz Nickel. I recently got one from a friend and i was planning to set it up with 650b wheel sizes but I'm pretty worried that i might purchase wrong parts, so here are the questions.

    -Would i get enough clearance between seat tube and tires if ill be using a 2.35 tires such as Maxxis dhf or any identical sizes tires? I know its a long dead topic but most of the conversion i have seen is either they are using 2.1 or 2.2 tires with less knobby tire patterns.

    -i have an existing RS Pike 27.5 fork with 150mm travel that I'm planning to use. Will it effect the bikes geo and handling that much considering that some of the old conversion are still using 26er forks and force fitting a 27.5 wheels on it.

    -i have seen some QR hubs being converted to TA. How does it works? Do i need to buy a 10mm maxle? Im pretty concerned about the rigidity of my rear triangle.

    -im also planning on swapping my rear suspension with a 140mm fox dps that came from a newer models of enduro frames. Will it change my bikes rear travel considering they have the same i2i measurement or will it remain 125mm travel due bikes geo design?

    -and in relation to the changes ill be doing in my bike. Has any one have a slight idea of its overall handling and performance?

    First owner the nickel also mentioned to me that he had tried using 650b wheel set and a 160 travel DVO fork but very was vague on giving sa specifics of he's set up.

    any answers will be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtnbiker4life View Post
    Yes. but the informations ive seen is kinda vague. But im still looking for the answers.

    Thanks man!

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    I have done the 650b conversion with this frame and now have handed it down to my son to ride.

    -Maxxis 2.35 DHF's should work, they probably measure on the small side anyway. I was running Vittoris Goma 2.4's, which are most likely larger than DHF's.

    - A 150 fork should work. Compare the axle to crown dimensions to what SC specs on the bike. I personally prefer a slightly overforked bike, but I ran a 140 on that build

    - I built it with 10mm bolt on Hope hubs. What hubs are you going to use and are they convertible? Depending on your weight and riding style, I think you would notice flex in the rear triangle if you used QR hubs. You might be able to find a relatively inexpensive wheelset on Pinkbike, 135mm spacing is 2-3 generations old and they don't have much value today.

    - I would be careful trying to swap out the rear shock. I think you are going to run into problems with the tire hitting the seat tube due to the increase in stroke. There were several threads on increasing the travel using a conversion kit, but I did not attempt it.

    It's a fun bike, but I honestly wouldn't throw too much money into too many conversions. Build it up and ride.

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    Sounds like a great way to screw up the handling of s good bike. The benefits from slightly larger tires will be offset by the increase in ride height. You'll have a slight increase in rollover performance but it will be more wheelbarrow like in corners.

    If the rear shock stroke and i2i are the same, no change.

    I'd focus on servicing suspension and maybe doing larger volume 26" tires like schwalbe or Conti rather than making a bike something it wasn't designed to be. It won't turn out better than if you would have stayed with 26".
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