This may sound goofy but it is the way I ride, I have posted before about this and I am ready to do something because I ride the bike alot more now.

I have a XXL RH 26 that I put 29 MTX33, Hopes and 40 CM tires on it, I road ride 90% of the time but take short cuts and jump lightly and go up and down small flights of steps.

I run 20 to 30 MPH every where I ride and just do the point and shoot, I am starting to get to the point to where I am jumping at these speeds and run up small stairs and I want to go to the next level but I am afraid the bike is not up to it or I am misjudging what I can do and will get hurt.

I want to run the full size tires now so I want to run a rigid front so the full size 29 tires will fit and run a 27.5 in rear with full size tire on my 26 frame.

How much does giving up a shock up front hurt the ride for like hitting steps and small jumps?

Should I just build a new bike EXTRA heavy duty for this or RH 23 inch work, I love the frame for what I do.

I am 6 foot 4 and 285 so I need a heavy duty ride. Any input would be great.