Rocky Mountain Altitude C70 vs Canyon Spectral CFR 9.0 SL vs ???-
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    Rocky Mountain Altitude C70 vs Canyon Spectral CFR 9.0 SL vs ???

    Hi all! Looking for some advice. I want a trail+ bike - one I can ride all day, but also take to whistler or any bike park and have a good time.

    So I fell in love with the colour scheme of the Rocky Mountain altitude c70 today, itís a great spec and I can get it for $6500 AUD. (Down from $8200AUD). It was super light (12.5kg or so) and seems to get great reviews.

    The other bike I am considering is the canyon spectral CFR 9 SL - which comes with full XTR brakes and running gear as well as fox Kashima Coated suspension.

    Whatís the better bike - the canyon will be around $700 more but is undoubtably better specíd.

    Also happy to hear other suggestions, or from those happy with either of these bikes.

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    I've got a 2018 Altitude C90 (also in Australia) and love it.

    A lot of fun as a general trail bike, very playful and lively. Went to Maydena & Derby earlier this year with it and it was awesome. Hope that helps- happy to answer any questions.

    At Maydena, they were running a fleet of Canyon Enduro & DH bikes but the local mechanics didn't really rate the Enduro bikes very highly.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    At this stage I do find the Canyon spec for dollar hard to beat - full XTR and fox factory is awesome.

    Funny you mention Tas, my family lives there and I will be taking a bike there over Christmas, theyíre only around an hour from Derby. Hoping to hit up Maydena too. Which model Canyon did they have? Perhaps the strive if it was an Enduro only bike.

    The other bike I keep coming back to is the nukeproof Mega Factory 275c. I love how they look and they have great reviews, but the spec is lacking a little brake and gear wise.

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