Rear Wheel Not Center-
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    Rear Wheel Not Center

    Hi, Im new to the forum, so Im not sure if this is the correct place to post this. Well I have a 2015 Giant Talon 4 27.5 and Im having an issue with the rear wheel not center in relation to the chain stays definitely closer to the non-drive side stays. The wheel is true and round. Ive tried flipping the wheel around in the dropouts and it becomes center between the stays. Im really confused by this not sure if it is a wheel dish problem, frame problem, or a hub spacing problem. Im afraid it will affect my tire choice as a wider tire would probably rub that non-drive side chain stay, just want to get some insight before I pay to have a shop look at it. Thanks guys and gals!

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    Can't be sure what the issue is but likely can easily corrected by a simple, slight re-dish of the wheel. Just requires a bit of loosening of the ND spokes and tightening of the DS spokes. That assumes all is in order with the hub/axel interface.

    If you are not cool with dealing with that it would be a super simple fix at a shop.

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    Update: I have loosened the non DS spokes and tightened the DS spokes It definitely helped but it's still not quite straight and the non-DS spokes feel kinda loose and the DS feels really tight. Should I have my frame dropouts checked? I've owned a few bikes (26ers) and never had any problems with alignment is this a common problem on lower end entry level bikes now?

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    Have the wheel checked with a dish tool to see if it's centered.
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