Rear suspension for Stumpjumper-
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    Rear suspension for Stumpjumper


    I will try briefly I have 2019 spec stumpjumper , thinking to put rear coil on it. Never had coil spring before. Thinking about this one: I need 210x50mm version. My question is what spring should 1 use cuz there is no clear info about sizes etc. I don't find any info what size of spring would be suitable for this frame and that dvo shock, so need professional advice:]]

    By the way is it worth to change shock from air to coil if U are looking for more plush ride or small bumps sens.

    Thank You, Guys!

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    IIRC you'll be looking for a 2" or 2.25" coil of some sort and the spring rate will be up to you. Coil length will matter to an extent, off the top of my head I don't have the spring free length but if you're buying a DVO shock and spring that should match since they only have 1 model of coil shock.

    2 or 2.25" coil because that's the stroke of the shock (50mm stroke coming from the 210x50mm, which is 2 inches stroke or 50.8mm and 2.25" is ~57mm). This value should always be equal to or greater than the stroke of the shock (but don't go too crazy).

    Then for spring rate it's up to you but it depends on both the linkage design as well as type of riding you're planning on doing (XC, Trail, DH, etc.) and the rider weight. Note that spring rate is not the same as rider weight. Also note that spring rate is the amount of force/weight to compress the spring by 1 inch so if you had a 450lb spring it would take 900lb to bottom out that 2 inch spring (this is off the bike not on the bike since there's leverage ratios to worry about when installed).

    The stumpy you linked to has a leverage ratio of 2.86 FYI (frame travel divided by shock stroke). However this isn't the full story since there's other things like axle path and varying leverage ratios within the travel to consider too.

    That said if you're about 160-175lb and ride a medium I'd probably go with a 500lbx2.25" spring like this one as a "fits most people" size coil:

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