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    Problems at 1,500 miles/Life expectancy of my bike

    Hi all, I own a 2016 Specialized Hardrock bike (21 speed, 7 in back and 3 in front). It has a 27.5" wheel size (which is why I'm posting in this section, lol), and I bought it new in 2016 for $450. Not a lot, but it's served me well for the past 2 years/1,500 miles (tracked using Strava). I use it primarily for commuting (and occasionally for fun), doing about 40-50 miles a week. I clean it occasionally the same way you might wash dishes (except I dry it with a towel after of course), and I apply bike chain lubricant/fill tires to appropriate pressure once a week.

    However, I've had a few minor issues. Here's a list summarizing them:
    • In 7th gear (rear), shifting from 2nd to 3rd (in front) can be sketchy sometimes. It's hard to see exactly what's going on, but the drivetrain makes an awful sound as the chain slowly moves to the 3rd cog.
    • Sometimes when I cruise and especially when I accelerate, I hear a couple funny sounds about every revolution of the pedals. One of them being like a quiet high-pitched grinding sound (not sure how to describe it) and the other being a sort of "click". It doesn't really affect the way it feels to pedal, but it is slightly annoying
    • Just on my ride today, I heard a bit of rattling from the drivetrain under relatively hard acceleration which I did a few times.

    Are these issues anything to worry about? If so, how would I go about fixing them? Also, how many more miles should I expect my bike to last?

    Thanks for your input.

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    Well, what are you considering 7th gear/rear and 3rd gear front? Your lowest gear is small ring in the front, big ring in the back. Your highest gear is the opposite, big ring in the front and smallest ring in the back. So from your description, it sounds like middle ring to biggest ring on the front while in the smallest cog on back? But I'm wondering if you mean middle ring to biggest ring on front and the biggest ring on back. If so, that is cross chaining, you're forcing the chain to interact with the rings at an extreme angle. You shouldn't use that combination, shift up (to a smaller ring) in back before shifting to the big ring in front. But I didn't think that was as big of a deal with only 7 gears in back but it sounds like your problem. If you've been riding that way and it just started, could be from wear on the chain and rings and/or you need to adjust the cable tension a bit.

    Your other issues could be a number of things, possibly a pedal is creating the clicks. High=pitched grinding sound, is this in all gears? Is it your chain scraping the front derailleur in certain gears?

    Your bike should last many, many more miles. But parts do wear and need to be replaced. The Park website has a lot of information and there are plenty of youtube videos.
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    I'm no expert, but I'll throw in a few observations/thoughts.

    I've got maybe 2-3x that many miles on my 2012 focus black forest hard tail. I used it for commuting for 4 years, averaging between 35-80 miles a week.

    1) the noise when shifting in front is likely due to the cable stretching over time/with use. That happens, and is no big deal. You can adjust that either by using the barrel adjusters, or tightening the cable at the deraileur. I'm sure you can find videos online,it's not a difficult proceedure.

    2) At least half of that I think I can diagnose. The creak/click that happens more under harder acceleration, sounds like a pedal that needs tightening. I had similar symptoms, and was resolved just by tightening the pedal down to spec.

    The grinding? Sounds more like a bottom bracket to me, but I'm not sure on this one. I'm sure someone more skilled than me will chime in eventually.

    3) No idea on this one. I'd give every bolt a check, to make sure they haven't come loose. Also, check to see if your chain has stretched too much.

    Anyway, nothing you mention is a big deal most likely. It's just some maintenance is finally coming due. If you're interested, you should be able to keep a bike going almost indefinitely, provided the frame itself holds up, and you can still getmost basic replacement parts like bearings.

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