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    Good job! NEW 69'er conversion setup!!! Your comments, please?

    I wanted to ask the group's advice on my next 69'er setup. I love my 69'er 2006 Trance conversion. Love that big wheel up front. The bottom bracket height and bar height are spot on with my Titus Motolite. But there are 2 detractors....

    First, the 4" of rear travel is not enough. Itís pretty hard down hill here. I could drop the shock pressure, but that would minimize the value of the awesome Maestro susp. when climbing [and despite the tall/heavy front end, this bike actually climbs just like the original Trance.]

    Second, the front end is a little harder to control when going uphill. I can handle it, but it is noticably more work than my Motolite. This is prob. due to headtube angle and not the wheel weight.

    This Trance is a 4" travel size medium. I thought if I went to a bigger frame [5", size large] Iíd get a better head tube angle, less wheel side-travel when climbing and of course the plusher ride with the extra rear travel. I was considering two 5" travel frames:

    (1) Kona Dawg Supreme (frame only). Itís brand new, $599, 4 yr. warranty, and it has the RP23 shock. Plus itís at a show where I can get a few things thrown in, like a little labor.

    (2) OR I can go on Craigís list and buy a used Trance X complete bike, and then swap all of my great parts from the 69'er and use the leftover frame and extra parts to build a bike for my brother. I figure I should be able to negotiate a deal under $1000.

    Note: I am NOT willing to shell out $2000 for a true, dedicated 69'er frame!

    What do you think?
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    from a cost-effectiveness standpoint:

    trance X

    or a reign.

    i run my '07 reign with a fox 36rc2 set at 5.5" and a 650b neo-moto front wheel and it's probably my most favorite bike i've ever ridden.

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