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    Need help buying first Hardtail MTB - help / advice needed

    so i am at the edge of buying my first hard tail MTB.

    i read a ton of stuff about them - i am no expect at all , so thats why i am here to ask

    second , i am not going to do anything crazy or extreme with the bike´ just main small city cycling, rough roads once in a while , curve hops / bums here and there - sometimes a hill or 2 , if not for fun sake drive over one and make a jump

    as you can see, the bike is not for hardcore use or extreme down hill -super fast trough a forest stuff .
    but i still would like a decent hard tail bike to ride " for full Suspension is to damn expensive for my budget " so i have to settle with this . which is fine for me

    problem is- everywhere i read about MTB hard or full, -they all recommend buying for at least 1000-4000 dollar bike otherwise its not worth
    well i am sorry but i only got around 390 dollars to do good with . maybe 400

    so, with that said- is this bike i found at my local store . hell if you from Denmark you might know it " as that would be great ,for many people seams to hate that store , and i quite like the store, ´so major conflicted here - "

    but yeah , good enough for my needs or is it just a pile of scrap in your eyes / opinion ??

    i am 175 cm tall, 60 - 70 kg - 26 age .. if that info is needed -.
    other info needed,- just ask

    Help / advice thanks ,.

    before you ask , yes i have looked ALOT around the net for a cheap but still good bike and they all comes up to around 400 , so i thought it was best to go down in person and see the bike plus buying in person to ..
    and i really like this one ..

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    About what you would expect for $400 USD. You do need to spend about $800-1000USD minimum to get a "fully competent" hard tail bike.

    But, that will get you going.

    You might snoop around Bulls Bikes. A German brand I believe that sells last year's models in the US for pretty cheap, see what you can find from their European site.

    Used bikes can be a much better deal, but the available selection is heavily geography/community dependent and it takes a fair amount of knowledge to find a good bike at a good price.

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    As somebody who has done a lot of budget-restricted riding, I’ll say you won’t find the perfect bike at that price range. Many bikes under $400 won’t publish their geometry so you really should buy one in person so you can test ride it. At 175cm you’re an average height so that makes it easier to fit a one-size frame.

    Depending on how serious you get, I would plan for the ability to upgrade as you break/wear things out. Personally I’d look for one that has disc brakes already and geometry that works for you.

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    thanks you 2 for great input , - i gone trough that and some final thoughts plus a few calls around.. and decided to go trough with it .

    be damn if i do , be damn if i dont " , so f it , i am buying it -.

    so, admin .- pleas delete my post as the problem has being solved and i will delete my account to as i have no need for it now " i might return , we shell see "

    thanks foks

    update, i cant delete .,only the admin or something - so go ahead and do that .

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    It looks like the frame was made to take a beating. You can always upgrade the fork down the road. A lot of people enjoy using cheap rigid forks instead of cheap suspension forks. The cheap suspension fork doesn't do much good down hill but the rigid is more durable and climbs way better.

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    I would take a gander at the Vitus Nucleus. Chain Reaction cycles has them on sale right now. This is the best bike I have seen in the range you are looking at. I had a friend buy one in the US and he is happy with it. They also ship to Denmark.
    Vitus Nucleus 275 V HT Bike 2018 | Chain Reaction Cycles

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