Hi all!

New here and in a bit of a dilema. ive recently got into mountain biking and now ride everyday for the last 3 months. im 32 and a late starter but loving it. Anyway had the voodoo Bizango and it hasnt done anything wrong at all, but i feel like im really ready to have a descent full suspension as my confidence grows.

i have 1500 to spend and looking at...the Boardman FS Pro, The Calibre Tripple B and also Giant trance 4.

I like the look of the giant best but not sure on the 2x9 as im used to a 1x11 and not sure if a 2x9 complicates things? im also not sure on the forks but they do seem to have the best travel...

the boardmen im hit or miss with the way it looks, but seems like the best all rounder bike

then theirs the new calibre triple B which seems to have great reviews and good components, but to me it looks so boring, and if im going to spend 1.5k i really want to look at something and admire it,

any advice or other ideas? im a new starter building confidence. starting on jumps now. but want something that will last at,east 3 years and not be out of date in 2 months.

cheers guys.