Marin Hawk hill 1 rear axle-
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    Marin Hawk hill 1 rear axle

    I keep having issues with my rear axle locking nuts backing off and the axle working itís way out to the left side of the bike. It has the qr 9mm skewer and the thread axle with the silver locking nuts that have the profile to fit in the frame. The right side actually fell out of the bike when I removed the wheel this last time. The local bike shop has looked at it 3 times now.

    Any ideas whatís going on? I assume itís turning with the rear triangle movement.


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    I plan on converting mine to the solid thruaxle like the HH2-HH3 come with. You should do that now if your frame isnt damaged, youíll need a new hub though.

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    Late reply I know. I replaced the wheel and went with a thru axle (12x148). However if that is not something you want to do you could try loctite or similar on the lock nuts that fit into the frame. Would check any loctite used was ok with alloy. Before that you could try a bit of grease on the thread. I have found that helped before.

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    Hi! I see that this thread is a necropost. I want to share my solution since there may be other people who are still looking for an answer.

    I worked at a Marin dealer for 2 years and own a Hawk Hill 1 myself. I experienced this issue as well. I solved it by tightening the silver nuts with a park tool SPA-2 (red spanner tool). I then tightened the quick release adapter into the frame with a 5mm allen key and put blue threadlocker on it without having the quick release installed. I then installed the quick release as tight as it would reasonably go. Occasionally the quick release would loosen up, but then it seemed to settle in.

    To the op - if you are still experiencing this problem and your lbs has tried multiple times to fix it and it won't work out, you should push for a warranty claim.

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