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  • Give the bike to my dad and try to get him riding.

    4 44.44%
  • Ride the bike until I catapult myself off due to the noodly front end (XC30 and QR9) or just slow down.

    0 0%
  • Sell the bike for maybe $3-450 and put it towards another HT (But I don't care about weight, I just want a strong frame and think this is a good/strong frame with modern geo)... I'm, um, big boned

    4 44.44%
  • Give up on HT's for fast riding, keep as is (with maybe some Big Apples should fit up to 2.4's), and make it a commuter/bike-packing rig (very similar geo to a dragonslayer).

    1 11.11%
  • Upgrade fork and maybe the front wheel to accommodate 15mm thru axle ($250-$650 depending on route) - I bought the bike a year ago as NOS for around $600, so I'm not in too much.

    0 0%
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    Hey There and The Eternal Debate....

    Hey there MTBR. Been lurking for some years, although this is my first post... I want to introduce myself and also elicit YOUR expert advice in a bike question Be real with me. Share your experience and advice. Really, just tell me where to place my money

    Quick intro about me...
    Hey There and The Eternal Debate....-img_4030.jpg
    I used to tour around on a Strom I built up.

    Hey There and The Eternal Debate....-img_4026.jpg
    Also built up my daily commuter Harley from a stock 1995 Super Glide.

    I'm from SoCal, but I'm currently living in Cairo, Egypt and working as a math teacher at an IB school. Life is an adventure!

    Hey There and The Eternal Debate....-img_4378.jpg
    (Took that with my trusty Iphone 5 just last month)

    Hey There and The Eternal Debate....-img_3721.jpg
    And I adopted a Baladi (local street dog) as a puppy and named her Sprocket

    Hey There and The Eternal Debate....-img_4476.jpg
    We do get sand storms out here...

    Hey There and The Eternal Debate....-img_3765.jpg
    My grocery getter.

    Hey There and The Eternal Debate....-img_3833.jpg
    Love this bike!

    Hey There and The Eternal Debate....-img_0061.jpg
    My fashion shoot

    Most of my riding has been on the local trails of Wadi Degla.

    I bought a 2015 Jamis Dragon Sport out here as NOS Last December. It was the best I could find locally and it works OK for the trails (really wish I had full squish as everything out here is rough rocks). The bike is rather new still and in great shape (I'm on top of maintenance).
    Hey There and The Eternal Debate....-img_4512.jpg
    Hey There and The Eternal Debate....-img_4511.jpg

    Back home I have an old 2007 Giant Reign X0, so I'm used to a good quality bike (at least for the time) and am not sure I'm ready to upgrade the Giant, so I'll be keeping the it and also the Jamis (I think). The Giant really does do what I need well (San Juan Trail, Noble Canyon, etc.).

    The Jamis has been fun, and reminded me that I really do love having an HT.

    Back home I used to like to do shuttle runs as I'm not a fan of pedaling uphill for hours, but I'm changing my ways and the HT makes it easier.

    With the Jamis, my riding is less XC and more Trail with small table tops, drops, and natural kickers thrown in for fun. Also like jumping off curbs and little (less then 2-3 foot) ledges in town. Just like to play "bikes" like I am still 15.

    All that said, I'm a bit of fatty (read that as big boned) at 250lbs (but coming down) and 5'9-1/2".

    Anywho, the bike feels like a wet noodle and I think I've narrowed it down to that little spindly RS XC30 and QR9 set-up up in the front.

    So I'vs been thinking... I'm back in California (Temecula area) in a few months and I'm taking the bike home with me as resale here is not really an option. So what to do with the Jamis?

    Do I leave it stock, and give it to my dad and try to get him into MTB? Do I leave it stock and sell it off for something new?

    I really like the frame/geo (Reynolds 520, 73ST, 68HT). I suppose that my real question is this... It has a 1-1/8" straight steerer and QR9. I can find a replacement fork with those requirements, but should I?

    Here are my options that I need the collectives help on!
    1. Give the bike to my dad and try to get him into riding (already tried once with an older Haro... maybe this would do it???)
    2. Ride the bike until I catapult myself off due to the noodly front end transforming momentary in time to an unpredictable catapult (or just ride within the forks limits).
    3. Sell the bike for maybe $3-450 and put it towards another HT... But if the frame is really good (I care about strength over weight), and the only real drawback is the cheap fork, what would be the benefit of a new bike... As far as I can see, the only drawback to the frame is the QR10 in the rear.
    4. Give up on HT's for fast riding, keep as is (with maybe some Big Apples), and make it a commuter/bike-packing rig.
    5. What I'm leaning towards as I don't know that HT completes in the sub $2k market are really that much better (please correct me if I'm wrong, I haven't been looking for a few years) is to get a new fork. There are still a few options... My current fork for reference: RS XC30, 120mm, QR9 - Yes, it really is that bad
      1. RS XC30 Gold - Available in 120mm, but still QR9. Basically looks like what I have with less weight and Motion Control - $349 but keep my front wheel
      2. RS Recon RL (new one comes with Motion Control) and 15mm thru axle, but only 100mm travel - $250 but would also need a new wheel.
      3. RS Reba RL - Still necessitates and new wheel but is a really nice fork compared to what I have and available in 120mm. Is the frame worthy of the upgrade? That's really the question on this one... - $499
      4. X-Fusion Streat RL2 - Available in 120mm and either QR9 or 15mm. Looks like a really nice fork, but for the cost, would you stick with QR9 or go 15mm, and once at that point, with the new wheel, you'd be at $650, and again, as much as I like the frame, is it worthy of that? I do think this is a better fork than what is on any OEM of a similar price, so it would be an upgrade for even a new bike, unless I went to a $2500 ride...- $499

    So what do I do internets? Thanks for the helps!!!
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    Thanks a ton for breaking up the information so its readable (except for the last paragraph, but that's ok). I definitely appreciate it! I also visited Cairo for a few weeks myself but I was there for a military exercise (Operation Iron Cobra). It was quite the experience visiting out there. I got sick of the honking and I could barely sleep from everyone honking their horns all damn night. From what I learned, that's how the Egyptians say hi to each other. I also thought it was hilarious how their cops would sit on the side of the road with an AK-47 on their back and wrote down license plate numbers to give out speeding tickets. I saw all of this back in 2005 so I have no idea if any of that changed. It was quite the experience indeed.

    If you are interested in a unique hardtail that's made of steel, check out the Guerrilla Gravity Pedalhead. It's a hardtail/trail beast.
    Cannondale Synapse Neo | Salsa Timberjack

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    Thanks for the reply Battery. I appreciate it. Egypt has been a good experience.

    Paratrooper? How did they do with the HALO jumps?

    Yeah, it's really loud. People love to use their horns. Shortly after arriving, I got into a friends car. They went to use their horn as we pulled out. It wasn't working. They began to panic. I asked why? Was told that without a horn, nobody can see you. Four years later I'd have to agree!

    It took a while to get used to the honking at night, but now I can sleep through a concert if I wanted Still not sure that's entirely a good thing...

    I saw you voted to give it to my dad. Yeah, that might be the best option. He's actually a retired BMCS. I've been trying to get him a healthy hobby for retirement!

    Have you ridden the Guerrilla Gravity Pedalhead? I just Googled it. That's an amazing bike. I had been considering a Wideangle or Rootdown from JensonUSA, and this is at the same level. Any thoughts between the two?

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    It's not necessarily that the fork is a QR, I've been about as heavy as you, less at the moment, but I have:
    -a Manitou R7 80mm with QR on an old Ti HT frame, front end of that is a noodle, but not sure if its the fork or the Ti frame (have another R7 to go on another alu HT as soon as I get organised well see how that goes).
    - a Marzocchi bomber 100mm on an Alu HT with QR, this is absolutely not a noodle, it's rock solid as you'd ever want. (both these bikes are 26ers)
    - a Fox FLoat 15mm 120mm TA (650b, also Tapered/Carbon frame) and it's about in between, not as stiff as the bomber but more than the R7.

    TL/DR it's the whole system, Fork design, travel, axle, wheel size/build, frame/headtube/steerer, plus setup.
    All the gear and no idea.

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