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    Freehub compatibility within Shimano?

    Hello, I have the 2019 Trek Roscoe 8, with Sram NX eagle drivetrain. I know that this is special because it doesn't use the Sram XD driver freehub. I am intrigued with the new Shimano freehub that disengages when freewheeling, eliminating the clicking noise when coasting. I would like to retrofit this onto my Roscoe, but I don't know if Trek's special "Boost 141" rather than 148 would pose a challenge.

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    This would not be possible unless Formula, who makes the hubs on the Roscoe wheelset, licenses the freehub technology from Shimano. Freehubs usually are not interchangeable between different hub manufacturers.

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    its not worth switching out that rear hub, enjoy the bike "as is". If this is your first mtb ride the piss out of it and learn what you like and don't like about mtb. proprietary spacing is something I stay way the hell away from in the mtb world. even specialized that had proprietary length shocks dosent do it anymore. " normal spacing has been 135mm forever, then 142mm, now 148, and already on some bikes 157. Learn, ride, and enjoy!

    oh and the best silent hubs are made by onyx

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    Boost 141 is not "different" except that it's the QR version of Boost 148. The same as how 135 and 142mm hubs are "the same" or 170 and 177, or 190 and 197. On hubs that have swappable endcaps, you can switch between QR and thru axle end caps to go between them.

    Now, with that said, you WOULD need a whole new rear wheel in order to use shimano's new silent freehub. Because the ONLY rear hub that uses that particular ratchet mechanism is SHIMANO (XTR no less). To do it, you'd have to upgrade your cassette to a Shimano XTR 12spd, also. Other hub manufacturers are able to use the cassette spline interface (DT Swiss and Industry Nine, IIRC, are the only ones), but they are not using the silent mechanism. Pretty sure there's no circumstance that would convince Shimano to license that particular bit to anyone else.

    Unfortunately for you, it also looks like Shimano does NOT offer these hubs for QR 141 spacing (Shimano hubs have never had swappable end caps, because they use cup-and-cone bearings instead of cartridge bearings). They all look to be 148mm e-thru axles. Maybe eventually when this stuff trickles down to lower component levels, you might be able to get an XT or SLX hub for your frame. But nope, not gonna happen right now. But it's also possible that'll never happen. Shimano has certainly been slow, or outright refused to support certain hub spacing. Shimano won't go anywhere near fatbikes, probably never will. Not for hub widths, not for crank spindles, either. So there's a chance they'll never make a 141mm QR hub.

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