• 02-04-2020
    First time poster Long time snooper!
    Hey all

    I am probably like everyone else here looking for a Full suspension ride!
    I am riding a full ridged fatbike now but it does what i need, but I have been doing or ending up doing little jumps and more drops and rock gardens, Plus I have a arm issue and sometimes I really hurt after a ride.

    But my issue i see here is Travel how do you know how much you need?
    I wont be doing any redbull stuff! But Whistler looks damn fun, so maybe something that can handle that park then I guess it should be good for most parks. But I really do not wanna spend over 3k but i am 5ft8 I fill short I like the 27.5
  • 06-27-2020
    First time poster Long time snooper!
    Hey, my name is Roberto. I've been perusing these discussions for some moons preceding buying my SC5000s. At present despite everything utilizing my CDJs at occasions as I change every one of my tracks to EP and buy cases before taking my new players live! Kodi nox