First time mtb rider need help picking a bike!-
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    First time mtb rider need help picking a bike!

    Hello all,

    I am looking to buy my first mtb. I have been a long time bmx rider but just getting a bit too old for that with all the beatings I've taken from riding over the years. I have been riding a fixie but really want to get into mtb. I have a budget topping out at 2k usd.

    Here are the options I am looking at. Honestly not too interested in much else. I've done a ton of research.

    Marin San Quentin 3

    Marin Hawk Hill 2

    Commencal Meta ht am essential

    Unfortunately both the hawk hill and meta ht am are totally sold out until 2021 bikes come out. I could buy the san Quentin right now. So there is some appeal to that.

    The hawk hill is the only full sus bike on the list as it's the only good one I could come to terms with under 2k. I also have an attraction the HT because of the bmx street background.

    However, as I said before my body has taken a beating from street riding and the full sus is appealing for that reason.

    Interested in overall thoughts and opinions on which bike to go for. I'm itching to pick and get one asap.

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    I was in a similar predicament. Ended up splurging and buying a Giant Fathom 2.

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    I'd definitely get a full suspension as you'll use it. You are showing up with significant skill set coming from BMX too, so might as well go with the fully. Itll save your body too.

    Edit: well damn look at this Giant Trance (def better than their "Stance" model: buy that for 2k$ in a heartbeat if you can. Great bike for money!

    My opinion is you want decent suspension, which is the hard part. I bought my wife a value FS giant bike and the fork and shock are such garbage compared to something halfway decent. Now forks and shocks get nicer but also burlier (thicker stantions). If you are riding hard and sending it...a fork like a Rockshox Pike, Lyric, Yari or Fox 36 is much nicer than the thinner forks. Then inside those forks are various degrees of technology (nicer air spring and dampers etc). The real low end stuff like Rockshock recon forks and Monarch shocks, suck in my experience. That's why the direct to consumer brands can be nicer because they can afford to spec a nicer fork/shock usually. YT kind of famous for that...but has gotten a bit more expensive over the years. If you can open your budget to 3k$ (new bike) , you be way more into the decent quality components that anyone would be happy with.

    It's a terrible time to buy a bike because everyone has already bought them all up lol.

    I'd check PinkBikes buy/sell page and pickup a used 2018/2019 bike at a nice discount. If stuff was in stock and you were buying new, the YT Jeffsy is a sick bike for the money. 2300$ and itll be a real step up from those other bikes because the spec package will be better, particularly in the suspension (geometry too). Its not all the same like BMX, you should do a bunch of research to get a general understanding of the various component quality levels in brakes, suspension, drive train etc. If you were totally new, anything would probably be ok, but you aren't so might as well buy something quality. Sucks that YT stuff is all out of stock.

    Vitus also makes nice stuff and will ship to US easily/quickly from chainreactioncycles. I'm guessing they are out of stock too.

    A used Aluminum Santa Cruz 5010 v3 would be sick. Some guys ride those like a Full suspension BMX (sorta). New version came out a week ago so people are upgrading and selling on PinkBike. A used aluminum Transition Scout would be nice too. I would buy anything used that's fairly old tho. Ideally youd pick something up that is only a couple years old but wasnt used a ton and beat up. Look for carnage on the fork, cranks, chainstays and derailleur...hard to protect those areas when riding a lot.

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