First FS... SNABB or PROCESS?-
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    First FS... SNABB or PROCESS?

    I see it on the horizon...

    I was a doubter for a while and will always have a HT in the fleet, but after using our program's Remedies... I've seen the light.

    Lotta stuff out there, and I've been trying to throw a leg over all the classics, but have narrowed my search and availability down to:

    Kona Process 134

    I've got some components from a previous build and these two would fit right my Trail and DH fit...

    Curious to know if any folks have gotten to hit these two head to head. I'm getting after a Kona demo next week, but I've always had a place in my heart for the NS since rocking an Eccentric...

    Thoughts... Banter.. greatly appreciated.

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    I've got a Snabb t. At 6'0 I sized down to a medium because of the long tt as I wanted a more traditional alpine trail bike, which makes it really playful and good for climbing, though not a point and shoot kind of ride. Not saying everyone should do that, a lot of the times I could go for a longer wheelbase. The NS is going to pedal a little better than the kona, while still being plenty active (steep negative anti squat slope: this is a more modern FSR than the classic specialized style) and is going to be much more active under braking. I'm super impressed all around, it's stiff, light, cheap, no proprietary bs. I think the geo is similar on both bikes. My only criticism of the Snabb is how wide it is between your heels. It's significantly wider than the Bronson (v1) that it replaced. Can't speak to the kona on that regard.

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    Right on man!

    Thanks for the beta! Re:checking those stats, WOW that is a large ETT and reach... Gotta revaluate that. I do have monkey arms, but dang.

    I need to get some ride time and see what is the fancy fitter. Right now I am not having the luck of finding a SNABB in the area. I have however found a SLICK deal on a Banshee Rune so.... I've got to have a ponder on that one ;0)

    We'll see what happens.

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    Hey Mr. BroJangles... couldn't help it ha.
    I ride the 134, but don't know the Snabb. I do have wear marks the chainstays from shoes, so that is a given these days. Beefy no flex rear ends are worth it. Don't sweat the geo till you get dialed in to the bike, just go with recommended size. I wish I had as the fit is not the same as our old bikes, and I to install a longer stem. I always rode one size down, but the new geo seems to affect that too. The 134 pedals good, I just run a little less sag and try to pedal circles. I guess my old VPP bike covered-up some poor habits.
    oops I wasn't clipped in

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    definitely Large for you (6'0"), don't cripple new geos with small frames and long stems....WTF?

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