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    Cool-blue Rhythm Evil Calling vs sb140 vs any other

    Anyone demoíd or have the Calling? Iíve posted on similar forums in the past. Trying to find which bike I need to demo when I make the trip out West at the beginning of next season. Iím looking for fun snappy easy to get in the air. Sb140 seems like the bike for me but i need some other bikes to test when Iím out there. I definitely want 27.5Ē. Iím only 5í6Ē but very aggressive. Iíve been riding hard on a rocky Mt hardtail with 26Ē in front and back. I donít care about speed or climbability bc I know no matter what I get itíll be better than what Iím riding. My crew is all about the stump jumpers which I surely dont want. Im generally waiting for them and donít mind the exercise. Just want full sus as fun as they come in 27.5Ē. Any help or recs are greatly appreciated!

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    Yes. I've been riding the Calling for two full seasons in Colorado and a few trips overseas. It's a fantastic all-around bike, and I ride it far more than my Santa Cruz Nomad.

    I'll do my best to answer any specific questions you may have. You also might want to post on the Evil forum.

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    I have ridden the Calling and I have an Insurgent. I'm not sure why you would compare the Calling to the SB140. The SB140 has a 160mm fork and 140mm of frame travel, 65 degree head angle/77 seat vs. the Insurgent 160/150, 65.5/74. The SB140 is much more like the Insurgent than the Calling, with a steeper seat angle. If you want a rowdier bike, then so be it, but the SB140 is, at least on paper, a rowdier bike than the Calling.

    I personally found the Calling fit me a bit awkward, which is strange because the Insurgent and Offering fit me fine. Either way I wanted the big fork travel so I got the Insurgent.

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    I'd selfishly recommend trying out a Kona Process 153. I've got both the new & older versions & they are a blast. The newer design does pedal much better than the older design but they both absolutely rip on the way down and are incredibly stable in the air. Bonus is that they can be found considerably cheaper than most Evil's & Yeti's

    Straight line performance might be better with the longer wheelbases of the Evil & Yeti though. The Kona's really shine when it's time to dance, duck, dip, dive, & dodge.

    Might want to consider demoing sooner rather than later. I know there's a shop in downtown Bend OR that has all 2019 Kona's & Evils at 30% off tax free.
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    Haven't ridden a Calling, but have ridden an SB140 a couple of times. Very short experiences, though. But enough to know it didn't feel quite as "snappy" or playful as my Whyte T-130. It's actually that feel that sold me on the T-130 other bikes I tried. the SB is a great bike too.

    If your trip "out west" takes you to the west coast, you can demo Whyte's at Splitrock Tap and Wheel, right next to the Marin Museum of Bicycling in Marion county, CA. They're the only Whyte distributor in the U.S., as they are considered 'consumer direct'. From the U.K.
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