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    DT Swiss E1900 issue? (YT Capra)


    My DT Swiss E1900 free hub (on my 2017 Capra Al Comp) makes an abnormally loud "ding" sound when it engages under quick loud of power. The sound vibrates through the spokes and the rim making it even louder. It happens when bunnyhopping, coming out of an endo, jumping, doing drops and etc. (Basically every time the rear wheel contacts with the ground). It also happens when I start pedalling quickly, and when I change the gear to smaller cog. (The smaller the cog, the louder the noise in my case). I have a video of my issue with the hub :

    What can cause this? Should I contact YT? Or should I take the wheel to my LBS?

    Thank you for the help.

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    You should contact YT but it just seems to be an issue with spoke tension. Either too tight or loose.

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    Sounds just like the ones I have on my bike, as far as the volume goes. There is some rattling though, I can't really describe it well, might be two spokes vibrating against each other? Something like that.

    But doesn't sound abnormal.

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