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    Diamondback overdrive comp 27.5 fork

    I just got back into riding and dont have much experience with suspension, kinda obvious cause of the question Im about to ask. The suspension on this is like a pogo stick and Im getting back into shape so Im 230lbs. What should I look at in trying to replace the forks? I like to bike owtherwise so spending $300ish at this point is ok. I might just take it into a local shop and let them do it, but I was looking at the rock shock gold or any suggestions? &pd_rd_r=R0XVH8A1HX79NDZ67SHZ&pd_rd_w=kNTsA&pd_rd_ wg=Wrt78&psc=1&refRID=R0XVH8A1HX79NDZ67SH

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    That fork shouldn't be much different than the recon gold. I would take it by your local bike shop and ask for assistance setting up your fork. It has rebound adjust and compression adjust. If your not going to save up $600 for something really nice on clearance online I would just hold off.

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    I have a lower model Overdrive i use as a loaner or for toddler accessories with the family. The frame is really basic and doesn't have a tapered headtube so most forks won't fit it. I checked your model and i dont see it mention tapered headtube either. This is important because most decent air forks (you want an air fork so you can adjust it for your weight) are tapered. I would suggest you just deal with the bike for a little while and go to some demos and try out better bikes. The model you have doesn't have new features so you wont want to buy nice parts for it like a rear thru axle.

    You might want to switch the spring in your current fork instead since it is a much cheaper solution. Your on the heavier end for biking and there is a good chance the spring in your fork is not ideal for your weight. A good local bike shop may be able to direct you better but if its not good you will likely get bad advice.

    When you bought the bike did you get to specify your weight for the retailer? A spring is usually set up for a small weight range like 200-225 for example. Most stock springs are designed for lower weight and then you use pre-load to compensate which makes it ride like shit.

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    If it's a 2017 it should actually be an air fork, mine is atleast. Theres a valve on the left under a cap you can unscrew that you can add some air into and that will help out a lot. -20180420_041640.jpg

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    Buy a shock pump and google the tuning guide to your fork.

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