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    Diamondback Atroz (New biker)

    Has anybody ridden any of the Atroz variations before? I'm looking into my first real bike and I found a really good price for what is either a used Atroz 2 or 3. I was just wondering if there was anything about the bike I should know before hand? It looks decently upgradeable as far as I would go before a new bike and I like the funky rear triangle, along with the one-by drivetrain.

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    I would try this in the Diamond back forum or beginner forum if you don't get any hits here. Also a link to the bike would help with what type of riding you plan to do. Your height and size and location as well.
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    Atroz 3
    Atroz 2

    I've never ridden one, so I don't have too much info for you.

    I know that the Atroz is the entry level full suspension bike from Diamondback. Because of that, it has slightly older components/specs/designs than other bikes in their lineup. However, depending on your preferences/viewpoints, that may or may not matter.

    From what I've heard about them though, is that due to their single pivot rear suspension design, they suffer a lot more from pedal bob/etc.

    Looking at the specs, looks like it doesn't have boost spacing on the frame, so neither have that. Also, the Atroz 2 has a 1x setup, but a cassette that you'd find on a 2-3x system. On steeper climbs that may be a limiting factor.

    Guess it just depends on how much you could get it for. If it were me, I'd likely skip it at current pricing, as I want something that pedals well. Thats just my 2 cents though.

    Good luck with the decision .

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    I've got a couple hundred miles on mine and I love it. I'm happy with what I got for my money. Like you said decently upgradeable, The only thing that isn't too future proof is that the rear triangle is not boost and not a thru axle(on the atroz 2).
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    The Atroz 3 looks like quite a bit of bike for the money based on the suspension, groupset, etc. The Atroz 2 looks like a good value for what it is. Normally I tell everyone to run away fast from any FS bike under $2500, but I would actually consider the Atroz 3.

    The Atroz 2, I would avoid, because 30x36 is not enough gear for any serious mountain riding. Call me weak if you want; virtually every high end trail bike has 32x50 or 30x42-46. 9 speed is ancient as well (which is why you're missing the top 2-3 gears). The 3 model has 30x42--a huge improvement. This is not all that surprising for $900, considering a good wheel set costs over half that, you're not going to get a serviceable FS bike for $900 and you shouldn't try.

    The Atroz 3 with a dropper post added would accomplish a lot of what you'd expect out of a good trail bike. You'd be much closer to the price of the competition at that point, though, depending on what dropper we're talking about. I hope there's clearance for a wider tire as well--I wouldn't want to ride out here in the rock with 2.3s. 2.4-2.5 would be a nice improvement if they'll fit.

    If everyone on the trail had started on the higher end version of one of these bikes, they'd probably be a lot more encouraged to keep riding. If you have the ability, though, I'd spend more money and get a nicer bike. There is certainly a lot of room for improvement, even though they're not complete junk for the price they're asking.

    I would not "upgrade" anything on the bike btw other than adding a dropper post and maybe tires. I would not put any money into the bike itself. The good news is that the drivetrain is decent and you should have no problem riding it the way it is.

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    I agree with your general overview of the two models of the bike. I contacted diamondback(they're usually very helpful with questions) and they told me that a 2.4 tire would fit but would be tight. Looking at my bike with the stock 2.3s I would agree. The front tire looks like it could probably fit a 2.5-2.6 but of course this is dependent on the fork and could change if you change from the stock fork. I'm perfectly happy with the 2.3s and will probably run a smaller rear tire next summer. I live in Michigan though so my trails are probably very different from yours since you mentioned riding in the rock.

    The 1x9 being an issue is dependent on where you live. I do eventually plan to move up to a 1x10 or 1x11 when the cassette wears out or if I break my derailleur or something but for now I am very happy with the range for my local trails.

    I have the Atroz 2 and the only thing that really NEEDS to be changed is the XCM fork which I just plan to ride until I am unhappy with it.

    Overall I think if you can put the 3 in your budget I think its a great entry level FS the 2 works as well but there are a few things to tweak depending on your terrain

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