• 05-20-2019
    Debating on a 2017 trek remedy 9 rsl
    Hello im talkiing to a private seller about a 2017 trek remedy 9 for 2200.. i was wondeirng if they made alot of changed from 19 to 17 and if im missing out on any new goodies. this bike seems to be well specd ready to rip but didnt know if any new technologies had come out

    its also a 19.5 so im a little worried its to big. i liked the 18.5 i test rode but maybe i can get a shorter stem or something. im 5'9-5'10 on a good day ha

    thanks in advance
  • 05-22-2019
    Not much that matters in your case has changed on the new Remedy's. The biggest change is they did away with full floater design on the new model, but it doesn't change the suspension characteristics compared to the 2017. It just means the new models aren't limited as much by what kind of shock you can run on them. On the 2017 it would have to be a specific full floater compatible shock.
    Geometry mostly stays the same so nothing to worry about there.
    You'll be fine on a slightly larger frame, since the Remedy has conservative geometry numbers anyways compared to everything else these days.
  • 05-28-2019
    27FIVE Dirt Surfer
    I am 5'10 on a 19.5 RSL with a 40mm stem and it is a comfy fit.