My bike came with a Cannondale C3 riser, Alloy, 4 degree upsweep, 9 degree backsweep, 760x15mm, for the handlebar. I am 6'2" and bought the XL version of the bike. I bought this bike in particular because I just wanted a nice trail bike that can handle all the huck I can throw at it. I however spend most of my time with my ass in the seat and my neck and hands get a bit sore from being hunched too far over, so I figured a set of new bars with a bit more rise would be the ticket.

I was thinking about getting a set of DEITY BLACKLABEL 800 38MM RISE HANDLEBARS, I am looking for a comfortable offroad cruiser that gives a bit of that KX450 dirt bike feel. Is this possible and is this what I should do to accomplish what I have in mind?