Hey everyone. I just posted a new review of my upgraded CO-OP DRT1.1 from REI onto my YouTube channel. I have received so many questions from people on the trails, and in the parking lot when they see the bike, that I figured there are probably others interested.

Although it's considered a "Cheap" bike, I found it to be significantly nicer than most other readily available (test ride-able) bikes in it's price range ($400-$700). This includes the Trek Marlin, Specialized Pitch, Diamondback hook and overdrive, and the Giant Talon. Not only did it feel like a more solid bike, but it was way cheaper. I actually got it during one of their store sales for $425!

I got rid of the terrible XCT fork and utilized SunTour's upgrade program to get the Epixon air fork. I also changed the tires out for WTB Vigilante front, and WTB Breakout rear. Both of which I caught on sale from REI as well! Overall, I have about $800 into this thing, and it's a beast of a bike. I ride hard on varying types of singletracks. It has taken a pretty good beating, and keeps on hustling.

Here's a link to my YouTube channel, if you're interested in having a look.


Co-op drt 1.1-img_20170923_181429344.jpg