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    Brake pad is jammed against the tire

    So I am extremely new to mountain biking and just bought my first bike from the mountain bike store near me. They set it up for me and told me in detail how to do everything. I get home and am about to go for a ride when I notice the front left break pad is on my rim and part of the tire.

    I immediately go online and look up how to fix this with no luck so I decided to come here. The bike is a 27 Marin hardtail with v breaks and quick release. When I hit the front breaks only the right pad moves so I did what a video showed. Tighten one side and loosen the other. This did nothing. I also made sure my tire is perfectly alligned. I think the people that put the bike together just put the break pad too high so my question is how do I fix this? Not just the misaligned break pad but also how to make both sides of the front breaks move instead of just one side.

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    Google is your friend. Just searched how to adjust v brakes...

    Extra info in there, but this should get you going.

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    I know you checked it but it sure sounds like your front wheel is not straight or fully seated in the drop outs. Loosen the axle quick release and make sure it's in there correctly. Don't ride it like this-you'll ruin the tire and maybe the wheel. (and maybe your face!)

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    Wheel not in the dropouts right would be my first guess. If that's not the cause, I'd never go to that bike shop again. If they can't figure out how to put on brake pads, when that's their job, they probably shouldn't be in business.

    V-brakes are easy to adjust, and amazingly simple. Link above should help. If you're tightening the tension screws and it's not adjusting left/right pull, you might have a stuck caliper. If the bike was left out in the rain for a long time, a little rust can form between the brake post and the brake arms. Simply remove the brake arm, wipe off the brake post and inside of arm bushing, light coat of grease, and put it back together.
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