• 03-21-2020
    Banshee Rune V3 vs. Canfield Balance
    Hello wondering if anyone here has any feedback or suggestions between these two bikes. I don't believe there's any of the Canfields out in the world yet, but hopefully the discussion could be helpful in the decision process.

    This would be my second bike and I'd be doing a frame up build. I have a V2 Banshee Prime, so this bike would be more enduro/gravity focus and that would be what I'd ride on mellower or longer rides. I live in Northern Vermont and hit a lot of the local trails and dh parks regularly. I was looking for something that could do well at both of these in the 27.5 wheel size since I have all of the parts already.

    Thank you
  • 03-24-2020
    If you go off the beaten path, Id just try to figure out what rear end would get less annoying with a bunch of mud and a boatload of wet fall leaves.

    Banshee has stayed around, Canfield came back. Whatever that is worth if guessing on the longevity of a business.