• 11-17-2018
    Axiom 29er rack clerance for 27.5 x 2.3
    I'm looking to add a rack too a Specialized Roll X1 comp (disk brakes but not a mtb) with the tires mentioned in the title. I know MWN put an Axiom Streamliner Disk DLX on his but I prefer the Streamliner 29er DLX. I would think the 29er would fit over even larger tires than the Disk DLX. Axiom puts the dimensions of the Disk DLX but fail to provide the 29er dimensions. Anyone care to venture a guess if the 29er DLX will work? Thanks!
  • 11-22-2018
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    It fits
    Went ahead and ordered the 29r rack. Fits great with plenty of tire clearance. A little tall but it has pannier mounts down on the side. Not sure why it rotated my image?