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    69'er right for me?

    I've been in love with Treks SS and Hardtail since they have been released, and would like to finally get over it or get one.

    This is how I ride....

    I'm known to ride 3-5 times a week. I ride mostly at a 600 acre city park that is virtually my back yard. There are no flat surfaces, well very very few, but for the most part, you are either going up or down, and I love to climb and love descend fast. I've wanted to get a 29'er for a long time because of the conquerability of trail obstacles. I'm not a jumper, hucker, all mountain freak, I just love to trail ride and most of the time at a descent pace. I'm usually out for an hour or more at a time.

    Thanks for your opinions.

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    I have a TopFuel 69er and a Rig. I like the 69er for all around riding, but have been having a lot of fun on the Rig lately. I went Full 29 for the hardtail, mainly because I was planning to do a bunch of snow riding, and I felt the bigger wheel would be better for that. If I wasn't doing snow riding (and money was no object), I'd have taken a closer look at the 69er hardtail. I really like my TF69er, I just put it away for the winter.

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    I have a geared Trek 69er, and it has become my favorite MTB of all time I have been on MTB's since 1992(started in BMX1977) and racing since 94'.

    I have owned dozens of bikes along the way. and I am really enjoying this bike, I have had this bike for a year now and I have no plans for replacing it, it is my primary MTB. I do have some plans to upgrade some parts this winter but that is to be expected after a year of riding and racing.

    I love the way the front wheel goes over obstacles and I love the way I am able to toss the rear of the bike around I haven't felt this nimble on a bike since my BMX days...
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    My feelings exactly. I thought I would enjoy this bike, and get over it. After more than a year now, I can see that is not going to happen. I'm planning on the SS version this spring.

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    You should get one! The riding you describe is perfect for it. As someone else here said, it's my favorite bike of all time (the TF 69er).

    BTW, I just replaced the RP2 with a high volume RP23... so far it seems like an improvement for me, but I have yet to really exercise it. It seems like it has more travel now (which it doesn't, but it feels that way), and it might be a little softer feeling. I was never thrilled about having only 90mm travel, and this shock might be a good improvement.
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    I do 1-2 hour rides on desert trails and i love how fast and smooth the 69er is, although with the HT version you have to consider where your rear wheel is going or it can catch you out! the bike is light, responsive and rewarding to ride but it takes some getting used to the geometry, especially keeping the front end down on steep climbs.

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