• 06-27-2011
    650b wheels on a 29er frame
    I have a Specialized M5 29er Stumpy hartail frame sitting in my garage and I was wondering how it would ride/react if I built it up with a 650b wheelset? Also there is no fork. So go with a 29er fork or how would a 650b fork ride on this 29er frame. Any advice and or input would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you
  • 06-28-2011
    The benefit of 650b over 29ers have a lot to do with frame geometry. With 650b you can use shorter chainstays and have a shorter wheelbase for better handling. Using a 29er frame negates all these benefits. Additionally your bottom bracket is going to be pretty low leading to more pedal strike, and making it hard to go over logs and other obstacles. You could use a 650b fork, but that would lower your BB even more.

    With all that said, there was someone who converted a 29er Epic to 650b and they loved it. They said the bke handled, climbed and accelerated much faster.