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    650b/27.5er frame candidates

    I was early to the 650b platform--I own one of the first production Salukis from Rivendell and it's a great bike. I even owned an early 80's Schwinn Mirada mtb that had this wheel size though I didn't know anything about such stuff then. Anyway, this wheelsize makes a lot of sense to me, both for road and trail use.

    My plan eventually is a custom 27.5 frame, but I'd like to try it now. (custom frame is a no-no 'til my car's paid off next year!) I want a geared hardtail, and the option that looks best to me is something with sliding dropouts and a derailer hanger, like Kona and Voodoo offer.

    Now, if I go witha 26" frame, it'll jack the BB height slightly, right? And I'd probably want to go with an 80mm travel fork. If I went with a 29'er frame, it'd lower the BB height slightly and I could probably go with a 100mm fork if I wanted to.

    Or should I wait a few months and get a production 27.5er from one of the companies that plan to offer them?

    It makes sense to me to go with a 29'er fork in any case, so clearance isn't an issue.

    So Which one would be the best option. My initial reaction is that I'd rather lower the BB slightly than raise it, since I value the stability and handling that you get with a lower BB and pedal strike isn't really a worry for me.

    Am I missing anything obvious?

    Thanks, Steve

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    It depends on a lot of things really.

    I live in the east where we have tons of roots and rocks on our trails and pedal strikes are a major pain in the ass. Therefore I'd opt for a 26" frame and raise the bb height slightly. But maybe in the west/midwest you'd want to go the oppsoite route. However, I'd say focus on 26" frames vs. trying to go "smaller" on a 29er frame.

    Also White Brothers has 650b forks available for purchase, and also XFusion has no issues with folks using their forks with 650b wheels.

    Visit this site for some ideas of frames that work:

    And you can search around here a bit.

    Here are a few hardtail frames that I think would work without issues:
    1. Soul Cycles Titan - if you can find one used or hanging around somewhere. I know cuz I've put a rear wheel in one (see my thread)
    2. I'd say an older horizontal dropout SC Chameleon should work
    3. A horizontal dropout On One Inbred would work I bet
    4. A Evil Sovereign would work and kick major ass as a 650b hardtail methinks!
    5. Sliding dropout frames from Voodoo and Kona (Unit/Explosif and maybe some of thair aluminum and scandium frames too)
    6. Shiggy fit the Neomotos in a Salsa Ala Carte Prototype. Perhaps they'll fit in the production frames for 2008 as well.

    There's a few to consider at various price points.

    Good luck!


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