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    2019 Fezzari Abajo Peak 27.5+ Initial Review

    Well I finally made the switch to FS and picked up a 2019 Fezzari Abajo Peak 27.5+!!! Iím in love with the bike so far. I had been riding a 2014 Scott Scale 970 29er for the last 4 years and had been upgrading it through the years but wasnít completely satisfied. I had an itch one day and it eventually led to my recent purchase.
    I found the Fezzari Company a while back when I was looking at direct to customer companies a while back and had subscribed to their emails. For months if not years I had been just deleting their emails and once I decided to sell my Scott and get a FS 27.5 I finally looked at their emails. I was really interested in the Direct bikes HAL 6 bikes and almost went with them. Then I had to fly back to the US for a short trip home (Iím stationed in Italy) and looked a few bike shops back home. Got sized on a Santa Cruz 5010 and browsed at a Giant. None of those worked out so I hit the web. Found the Abajo!
    I went with the Abajo Peak because I wanted a full suspension that would have a much better set of components then what I had on my Scott but that would also leave room for upgrades down the road. And I had just over $2000 to spend. So that limited my Fezzari line up. But it worked out. I made my order and received an email later that they didnít have the bike in my size (large). And they would wait on the order and just send me the 2019 version once it gets released. Oh and it comes with the SRAM Eagle NX group set. So I sent it!
    Yes itís not the typical bike in a box setup, but thatís to be expected when shipping to APO. They couldnít pack in all in one box for me. But after they checked with me that I would be able to build it or at least get it built. And in a couple weeks I got these three boxes in the mail.
    2019 Fezzari Abajo Peak 27.5+ Initial Review-dsc03534.jpg
    Box with wheels with tires installed. Second box with Fork, spacers, stem and front brakes. Maybe something else (canít remember). And the biggest box with the frame, rear shock installed, cranks and bottom bracket installed, rear derailleur, handle bar and brake rotors (think thatís it). Everything was very secure in the boxes with tons of foam padding and zip ties to keep it together.
    Got the bike all setup with ease. Suspension was all dialed in for me as well as the alignment on the derailleur. Had to wait about a week or so for a huge storm to move out of the area and clear things up. But today I was able to get the bike out on a trail, wasnít one of my usual trails but it was a quick lap to get the blood flowing and see what this Abajo Peak is all about.
    It climbed a short 372ft in total with no issues needing to lock anything out. I was able to change gears and crank away just fine. Got to the top and had the smoothest ride down the trail ever. The suspension was so plush on all the rocks. I loved the dropper post and being able to make adjustments on the fly (yes itís my first dropper). And the tractionÖ TONS OF TRACTION! Hugs the corners and flies on the flats. I canít think of anything that I want to upgrade or replace on this bike. Stock this thing is a monster! Iíve included a few pics of the bike on the trail. Feel free to hit me up with any questions on the bike or brand. I think Iíve found my new brand for life. Thanks Fezzari!
    2019 Fezzari Abajo Peak 27.5+ Initial Review-dsc03512.jpg2019 Fezzari Abajo Peak 27.5+ Initial Review-dsc03519.jpg2019 Fezzari Abajo Peak 27.5+ Initial Review-dsc03528.jpg2019 Fezzari Abajo Peak 27.5+ Initial Review-dsc03529.jpg

    I'll keep this thread updated as I get some more rides on the bike and I'll post any other thoughts I may have.

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    Glad to hear you're lovin' the new bike! I considered Fezzari for quite a while but ended up going another direction. That's a sharp bike. I hope you enjoy many good times with it!
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    Congrats. Hope you have a lot of fun with it.

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    Could the OP provide an update on how they are liking the Abajo Peak still? Noticed any problems or quirks?

    I live just down the way from Fezzari and have had my eyes on the AP for awhile now. Why did you opt for the 27.5+ over the 29?

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