• 07-01-2019
    2019 Bronson S tire size/upgrade question
    2019 Bronson S. Came with 2.5F and 2.4R. I want to upgrade to 2.6 Rekons. I shouldnt have an issue will I?
  • 07-02-2019
    IMO 2.5f/2.4r is probably the ideal set up for a bike with that much travel, but you can run up to 2.8 tires on the Bronson.

    I know some people do, but I couldn't recommend the 2.6 Rekon as a front tire, just not enough traction for me. My 5010 came with 2.6 DHF/Rekon combo and that works pretty well. The Rekon definitely breaks loose a good bit, which is fine on the back, but wouldn't want that to happen up front.

    The 5010 has a firmer suspension feel, so the extra volume tire works well to help smooth out the chatter, but they definitely feel more heavy/draggy pedaling, which I wouldn't want on the Bronson. YMMV
  • 07-02-2019
    So dependent upon where and how you ride. In the southeast, I'm running a Rekon 2.6 up front on both of my bikes on primarily hard pack trails. I've found it to be a good balance between weight, rolling resistance and traction. I have noticed that it has gotten a bit sketchier as the trails are drying up and getting a bit looser, but not enough to make me change it out...yet. Until I start washing out, I'm not real excited about putting a half pound of extra rubber on the front. YMMV.
  • 07-07-2019
    Rev Bubba
    I demo'ed Bronson's over the past couple weeks and noticed just what d365 said. The Bronson with 2.6 felt heavier climbing then the standard 2.5/2.4 combo. On flat or downhill trails, I liked the 2.6+ tire because of the way it rolled over the rocks and roots common in northwest NJ.