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    2018 Giant Trance Question

    I have been riding a 2018 Giant Trance 3 for 8 months now. From the very beginning I have heard a knocking (slight rattle) when I go over some rocks and roots. The bike came with the Suntour Aoin fork. I had the fork serviced and they found nothing wrong. I have contacted Suntour and they sent me some some volume spacers which I installed but the noise is still there. I do not hear it when I compress the fork, it only happens when I am riding. I checked all my cables and zip tied them to make sure it was not cable slapping. I am starting to think it is coming from somewhere else.

    Does anyone else have a Trance 3 and are they experiencing this?
    My next move is to take the Headset apart and check that.
    My LBS just got a new Trance 3 (same specs) in and the owner being a good friend is going to let me take it for a test ride to see if I hear the same noise because he rode my bike and can hear it too but could not figure out what is causing it. Any insight would
    be appreciated.

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    Check the headset as you noted. I have a trance adv 2 and had a similar knock and it was the headset. The bearing were a bit rusty. I cleaned them up and re-lubed things and reassemble and the noise is gone. Ultimately will replace the bearing set, but the bike is only a year old.

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    Thanks for the response. I think I am just going to upgrade the bearings and hopefully that solves the issue. This bike is also less than a year old. I already upgraded the rear shock and rims/hubs. I actually like the fork even though it is a Suntour Aoin. I was leary about it at first but I got a good deal on the bike so I figured I would give it a try. I was trying to hold off on replacing the fork until it needs to be replaced so hopefully the bearings take care of it. Thanks again.

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    Not spending time trying to find info on this fork, but if t has an actual neg spring instead of air chamber, maybe the spring is causing the rattle - common problem is coil sprung forks in years past. FYI, this is not your problem, the bike is still under warranty, take it back to the shop and let them figure it out. If there's a better Suntour fork, consider using their upgrade program and replacing it.
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