My budget limiting to buy used 26" I don't think the early full suspension 29" was good.
I have option for 800$ to buy high millage Spark 10 or for 700$ Spark 640 with Monarch RT3 shock.
I have found good offer for Norco Sight 2 2012 for 700$, but I don't know is the frame reliable.
I also find Ghost AMR 7700 2011 for 700$ with carbon frond end, but I found the forum that the rear chainstay break.
For compare I found Specialized Epic Comp 29" for 800$, but I doubt is have good suspension plus the problematic Brain.
I also looking for Trek Fuel EX from 2010 to 2013 they are cheaper form 500$ to 700$, I think Remedy with 150mm travel is too much for me.
What to choose I really like the Spark is more sporty and sprint easily than Trek Fuel EX, the Fuel is more like sedan car very supple, but it is more expensive and have less good equipment, I don't know anything about the Norco Sight 2 I never drive one.