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    Updating 2007 GT Avalanche 3.0

    For any number if reasons I am thinking about updating my GT Avalanche 3.0 instead of buying new. It looks like if I go with Shimano SLX throughout for drive system, brakes, and shifters I am looking at +/- $500 for parts. Throw in a new set of wheels ($200) and a fork ($100) and all of a sudden I looking at a +/- $800 dollar bike. My question is, Component wise am I better of buying new hardtail in the sub $1500 range or upgrading my current bike?

    I appreciate any input and let me know if you would like additional information.



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    Personally I'd say you're better off putting it towards a new bike, depending on what you can get... Thats just personal opinion with the budget you're going with.
    But otherwise, on the assumption you really want to keep it going, you should be able to get SLX for under $500 (CRC have it for $AU540 = $US410... unless theres different tax things going on), but for ~$500, i'd "upgrade" to XT...I guess $200 for wheels could get you something OK, I pair something like that from some XT/Mavic 717 about a year ago, but $100 for a fork, maybe double that or triple that and get some good NOS items like R7's or equivalent
    All the gear and no idea.

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    I'd slap some BB7s on with the cheapest 1x10 setup I could find with a 11-42 cassette and look at ebay for wheels and fork.

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    Bike geometry and components have changed significantly since 2007... you'll very likely get more enjoyment putting that towards a new bike instead of upgrading the old one.

    You will also likely not recoup any of that money if you were to dump it into the old bike. People don't spend more for old bikes with new components.

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    Thanks everyone for the input. I guess getting a new bike will be like starting fresh into the hobby. I'll probably just run what I got replace as needed until I decide on what to buy.


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