Truth tires need replacing-
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    Truth tires need replacing

    It looks the tires on my trusty Ellsworth are past their prime. They are WTB 2.1 velociraptors with different front and rears. These seems a good fit for the kind of all mountain / singletrack stuff I do here in CT and miraculously they seem to still be offered for sale. Is there anything else I might consider before getting another pair of these?

    Thanks all

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    The Velociraptors are an old design. You could try the WTB Vigilante on the front and Trail boss on the rear. It's a good combination for for all (mostly) trail conditions.

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    Get a rear velociraptor if you must, but that front one is awful. Terrible braking traction. I'd rather run another rear velociraptor in front.
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    Tire clearance on a classic bike like a Truth is often quite a bit narrower than on contemporary bikes. Of course, since you have 26" wheels, that should limit your options quite a bit as it is.
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    Agreed Op is probably limited to just "2.1" tires, and depending on his rim the actual width could be narrower than that. Tires vary a lot like this and the only real way to tell is to try it. Fortunately there are still a lot of 26x 2.1s left. From schwalbe, continental, vittoria, maxxis, and michelin. and even some oddball hipster tires from Simworks and Fairweather (produced through Panaracer who have a few of their own). Heres a link dump from some my bookmarks folder:

    Tire shopping for 26 actually isn't too bad online, so long as you aren't looking for tubeless, since dirtjumpers never died.
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    If you can fit it, the 2.35 Forte Pisgah 2 (non-tubeless, it is a lot lighter than the tubelless version) from Performance Bike (or Nashbar) is an excellent high volume 26 tire. It is a very grippy tire on the front, never tried it on the rear. Liked it so much I put one on my son's bike and picked up 2 for my 29er.
    Also put a Forte Tsali on the rear of my sons bike. Decent volume and fast roller.

    Oddly, you have to search "pisgah" on the website for it to show up.

    Another option is the Pisgah (wire bead, I think) which is 26x2.1.

    The only downer may be shipping. To Michigan, shipping is $20. But if you buy 2 tires at about $20 each, it would work out to about $30/ tire.

    They are apparently made by Maxxis, and are very good quality.


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    Chain Reaction Cycle is pretty cheap on the tires and shipping, if you stock up on other items that is.

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    I have ancient WTB WeirWolf 2.1ís on mine. I ended up with Maxxis 2.3 DHF and DHR IIís. My frame will fit 2.4 max. These are rated higher and are lighter than the WTB Vigilantes.

    I also discovered Specialized makes a good range of tires that may be a good option for you. They make a good all around tire in a 1.9 called the Crossroads Armadillo for $40 and the regular Crossroads for $25 each. They are for light trail/gravel use but seem like a solid tire.

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